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Early Bird Limited Offer

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Who is Nihal Ahmed?

Nihal Ahmed is a global Ikigai coach & social entrepreneur who helps people be the best versions of themselves intellectually, emotionally, and purposefully so they can lead a life that’s richer, healthier, happier, and impactful.
He does this through meticulously crafted workshops, programs, experiences, games, products, toolkits, apps, and rich media via The Limitless Institute.

Nihal Ahmed's journey

Nihal’s journey started when he was 18. He was frustrated that schools didn’t leave any room for self-discovery and creativity to permeate. This created a situation where most of us feel unfulfilled, confused, and stressed. It stops us from growing and we’re stuck with someone else’s plan for our life.

He realized that there are three questions that plague most young people:

And over the last 12 years, and with over 15,000 people across every continent he’s actively worked on answering these three questions in as many interactive ways and for as many diverse groups of people as possible.
These courses here are built around the same 3 questions.
And through his company and courses, he wants to impact the lives of one million people by 2025 and help them see possibilities they didn’t see before and take effective action.

Transforming lives around the world

Nihal's work

He’s the creator of Ikiguide©, a philosophy that fuses purpose, balance, and clarity through questions, stories, habits, and rituals.
He has built an entrepreneurship academy in Africa, a fellowship for social entrepreneurs around their wellbeing, festivals, and experiences for creative communities around the world, and has worked on policy projects with the World Bank and the Govt of Abu Dhabi.
He’s shared his perspectives as a TEDx speaker, has been a part of the steering committee on building purposeful organizations by the DO School in Germany alongside top leading organizations including BMW, Microsoft, Deutsche Bohn, Leader’s Quest, and more. His work has been featured in media outlets like Live Mint, Hindu, Indian Express, and more.
He runs a non-profit focussing on building resilient villages, communities & creative schools in states like Punjab. He has helped in setting up learning labs in over 80 villages in India.
He’s spent time in 67 countries learning, working, and connecting dots.
He’s also lived on 4 continents across five countries. His personality is shaped by travel, collecting biases, unique cultural experiences, and powerful conversations.