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How often does the way you see yourself align with how your closest loved ones see you?

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How often are you able to express and talk about your most profound fears with others?

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How frequently do you complete the tasks on your to-do list?

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Do you find it enjoyable when people ask you for assistance?

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Can you quickly name five values that are most important to you, in under 30 seconds?

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How often can you clearly state five things that are non-negotiable for you while searching for a new job?

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When working in a team, can you recognize the tasks that you would excel at and take them on?

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Do you have an idea of how you would like the people closest to you to remember you?

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How often are you able to determine whether you excel at a particular skill or not?

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At the end of a typical day, do you feel like you have fulfilled all your different needs and are overall content?

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How often do you get to do things that genuinely bring you happiness?

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Do you feel excited about using your special abilities to help others?

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Can you describe in simpler terms the reasons or situations in which people ask for your help?

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How often do you feel like you are taking steps towards making your dreams and goals for the future come true?

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Do you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to be or achieve in the future?