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Early Bird Limited Offer

Early Bird Limited Offer

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Quiz MyIkiguide©

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Do you know how you want to be remembered by those closest to you?

2 / 10

Does helping people by using your unique skill excite you?

3 / 10

How often can you articulate 5 things that you would not compromise on while finding yourself a new job?

4 / 10

If you were asked to list out 5 of your core values, would you be able to do it in under 30 seconds?

5 / 10

At the end of a regular day do you feel holistically satisfied (as though you have catered to all your different needs)?

6 / 10

Are you able to articulate why /when people turn to you for help?

7 / 10

How often are you able to indulge in activities that truly make you feel happy?

8 / 10

How often do you feel like you are working towards achieving your life’s vision?

9 / 10

While dividing roles and responsibilities in a team setting, are you able to identify tasks you would be great at?

10 / 10

Do you have a vision for yourself?

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