Early Bird Limited Offer

Early Bird Limited Offer

Early Bird Limited Offer

Registration for the next cohort Start From 1st Oct 2022.

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Embark on this 29-day journey with Nihal and find your highest potential through sessions, guided reflections and interesting assessments.

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Going through the Ikiguide© course together as a couple was no less than a revelation. Even after a whole decade of knowing each other, it had us discover quirks, motivations, insecurities and dreams we haven't spoken of before - almost like giving us building blocks to strengthen our relationship.

Wendy Parr
Grammy Winning Songwriter

It’s so important to find your tribe - people you vibe with, who hold you accountable and inspire and support. My mind is truly blown. I came to explore and dive in and change and I have. Lots to do now! Who’s on your team? Who are you supporting? Find the friends you want to hang out with, grow with prospering, share common purposes and face challenges with.


I am mindful of the fact that it is a slow process to find the answer to the question, “Who am I?” but I am glad I took the first step with Ikiguide©.


When our Heart, Mind, Body and Soul are in sync, that is when we can come close to ourselves and know the true purpose of life. This is where Ikiguide© helps me, by detangling my thoughts and giving me clarity on how I want to lead my personal and professional life! I cannot thank Nihal enough for giving in 10 years of his life to Ikiguide© to help us out.


Ikiguide© helped me carve out time for myself and the things that I love, make healthy compromises and strike a balance between what I had to do and what I've always wanted to do.

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Bonus #1:
One 40-minute personalized coaching session with Nihal.
(valued at INR 3,000)

A limited-time offer for the first few sign-ups: a 40-minute one-on-one coaching session with Nihal. In the session, Nihal will help you gain clarity about your passions and purpose, align them to your plan, help you build the right systems, community, and cadence (incl habits and rituals) and bring your passion project to life. 


Bonus #2:
4 Live group Q&A sessions
(valued at INR 4,499)

Join your coach Nihal in up to 3 live sessions, as he takes you beyond the course curriculum and into creating your blueprint for success. From advanced strategies to proven mental frameworks for pushing through complex scenarios: you’ll get everything you need to build your dream project.

Bonus #3:
Guest sessions
(valued at INR 1,449)

The Ikiguide© team will bring to you success stories of individuals who have deployed these time-tested methodologies to craft, build and retain their unique narrative in life. Get the opportunity to interact firsthand and learn from those who have already been down the path.

Bonus #4:
Access to passion plan templates
(valued at INR 999)

These plan templates will guide you through each stage of starting and managing your new focus. You’ll learn how to structure, run and grow your new initiative.


Bonus #5:
IKIGuide cards
(valued at INR 800)

A deeply enriching deck of cards filled with insightful questions and rewarding tasks. Ikiguide© is designed to help you discover who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Bonus #6:
IKIGuide journal
(valued at INR 499)

A thoughtfully crafted journal to guide you on your Ikiguide© ‘Discover You’ journey. Use this as your buddy to journal your thoughts, ideas, learnings, and aha moments. This will be your go-to when you need the most inspiration.

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