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Are you struggling to find your life path? Do you ever question where you are going?

Read through to discover the key to shaping your beliefs and finding your passion before you end up sabotaging your future unintentionally.

Here's how Ikigai - a Japanese concept and a way of life that encompasses purpose, joy, and well-being - can help you avoid the single most damaging mistake on the planet, and help you find your purpose to live a happier, more confident and fulfilled life.

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You know there’s more to life than you realize. You know you want better for yourself...


What if I told you that you don’t have to feel this way? That YOU can change this.

You are not alone. I have been there, I know the pain, the anger, the confusion and the frustration you feel. I have stayed up endlessly, trying to find the purpose of my life. All I knew was that there was more to me than just a job, career or designation. That’s when I curated a fool-proof formula for discovering my passions and you can too.
You CAN discover, strengthen, and share your passions with the world.
Allow me to show you how.
First of all,


If you have landed on this page,
you are definitely on the right path.

The Ikiguide© ‘Discover You’ course integrates finding your passion and crafting your narrative to lead you to success in a way that works for you.

The only prerequisite to completing the course is an inclination to do better, be better as well as bear the will to grow and glow.

This course is suitable for:

You can be anyone – a student who is just starting out, an entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world, or even someone who loves their job but knows that there’s more to what they do for a living. If you are someone who wants to enrich your life and celebrate your passions, this course is for YOU.
Before I go deeper into the course, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I am Nihal Ahmed.

I am deeply vested in helping people find their purpose and realize their true potential. In this journey, I’ve built board games, conferences, workshops, university courses, and entrepreneurship academies, all aimed at helping thousands of people find and do more meaningful work around the world.

I have also founded The Limitless Institute and launched one of the first fellowship programs on well-being for RoundGlass.

Over the decades, I have realized that there are many chapters that our mainstream education has skipped, like discovering our passion, and purpose, starting our own business, learning to solve creative problems, building meaningful relationships, making friends, and enhancing our wellbeing through habits and rituals, etc.

Over the past 12 years, I have actively worked on answering these questions in as many interactive ways and for as many diverse groups of people as possible.

After working with more than 15,000 people across every continent, I have developed a unique approach in the form of a proven course that helps people find answers to questions they have been asking for the longest time.

My ultimate goal is that this course helps individuals see possibilities in themselves that they were not able to see before and take relevant actions. I aim to touch the lives of 1 million people by the year 2025.

While creating Ikiguide©, I channeled the core philosophy of Ikigai into a simple deck of cards that can unlock personal epiphanies and pivotal realizations.


To transform is to pick up insights about yourself and this starts with understanding who you are.
Five elements in living a purposeful life.

The Heart:

Discovering what we love, what makes us come alive, what drains our energy, and what brings us into a state of flow.

The Mind:

What are we good at? How do we build new currencies that make people value us more and leverage them to get what we want?


Knowing what our values and needs are, and our relationship with ourselves as well as our future.


How to identify what the world needs and know best how we show up in the world.

The Hands:

How to take action, build the right community around us, and meaningful habits and rituals to grow consistently.

The philosophy

is based on Ikigai – a Japanese concept and a way of life that encompasses purpose, joy, and well-being. As Professor Hasegawa (one of the world’s leading Ikigai experts) states- ”Ikigai is not something to find but patterns to discover and something to live by day to day. The sum of small joys in everyday life results in a more fulfilling life as a whole and something that can help them discover and embrace their true self.”

Finally, author Dan Buettner, the author of Blue Zones who looked into the happiest and healthiest communities on Earth, found Ikigai to be one of the core factors in making that happen.

Craft your unique narrative.

Most of us don’t know ourselves very well and if we don’t have that core understanding, we are taking a shot in the dark.

A majority of us don’t know what we’re passionate about.

According to Gallup, less than 20% of people are engaged at work and over 40% of the global workforce is ready to quit (according to the 2021 Microsoft Work Index). Over half of the workforce feels burnt out and around 40% don’t feel like they can be their authentic selves at work.

Why is this so? It is probably because of the missteps in our education system which fail to help us design our lives.

The journey of self-discovery is full of wonder, clarity, experiments, mistakes, and memories but one of the trickiest things about it is not knowing where to start. And you’re not alone in feeling this way.

Our lives are unique and there is no silver bullet that will work for all of us. We all have vastly different passions, competencies, values, needs, constraints, priorities, discipline, and structure. We need our unique blueprint. Something that works just for us. We can’t have a one-size-fits-all tool like most personality and career tests suggest because:

1. They’re not conclusive and do more damage than help us.

2. They segment us into categories with a few million people and might even mislead us.

And here’s where we make our next mistake, adopting a life that someone else planned for us (albeit with good intentions). This could be our friends, family, or loved ones. Just because they have been there throughout doesn’t mean their blueprint should apply to you.

Remember: nobody understands you better than you do.

We get that it must be overwhelming thinking about it. Not having that clarity makes us feel miserable, stressed, and anxious. The longer we wait to make that shift, the worse we feel to make that transition. This is a heavy price to pay for that. What we need is to discover patterns that fit our uniqueness and life’s path.

Fortunately, we’ve cracked this code in the most effective and engaging way we know.

This course covers:

After the course, you will be able to:


The curriculum includes

A 29-day program to build a purposeful life.

The topics

Week 01


Discover your superpowers and learn how to leverage them.


Think of alternate currencies that open possibilities for you faster, especially when you don’t have the resources it usually costs to get them.

Week 02


Discover the activities that allow you to feel a ‘high’ or a thrill.


Schedule more moments of flow, so your pursuits leave you more energized than when you started.


Learn to do regular check-ins to see if and where you feel off-centre. You will learn to identify your needs and build beautiful rituals to fulfill them.

Week 03


Describe your ideal version of the world and your role within it.


Identify your dream jobs by noticing the patterns, attributes and common threads.


Find a sustainable way to contribute to issues you care about in the world.

Week 04


Think about your purpose for existence and how you’d like to be remembered.


Ask questions that open possibilities to find your niche and approach them creatively.


Find out what you have been naturally curious about, both consciously and unconsciously.


Design your PLAN B. Life rarely goes according to plan, so might as well make the alternatives as exciting as your PLAN A.


Visualize your future. Ask yourself how you’d like to lead your ideal life. Connect with people already on that path.

Here's how we roll:

1. A daily guiding video Through bite-sized situational questions, one can learn, absorb, reflect and turn the answers into rewarding habits and rituals that will enrich your day-to-day being. The video deciphers easy-to-execute systems and coaching.
2. Applying deep human psychology Through a combination of human psychology with new learnings, you develop a unique experience that fits into your busy life and connects you with students from across the globe that are on the same path as you.
3. Habits and rituals To convert your learnings into reality, we have designed actions and exercises that will help fix imbalances and deliver results.
4. Support circles You will have access to a community of fellow students for weekly peer coaching circles to discuss, share and gain additional clarity through collective wisdom. This is truly the HEART of our learning experience.

5. Reflection
To embed your learning, we have incorporated reflective tools and activities that will help convert knowledge into applied wisdom.

Words of those who have already experienced Ikiguide©...


Going through the Ikiguide© course together as a couple was no less than a revelation. Even after a whole decade of knowing each other, it had us discover quirks, motivations, insecurities and dreams we haven't spoken of before - almost like giving us building blocks to strengthen our relationship.

Wendy Parr
Grammy Winning Songwriter

It’s so important to find your tribe - people you vibe with, who hold you accountable and inspire and support. My mind is truly blown. I came to explore and dive in and change and I have. Lots to do now! Who’s on your team? Who are you supporting? Find the friends you want to hang out with, grow with prospering, share common purposes and face challenges with.


I am mindful of the fact that it is a slow process to find the answer to the question, “Who am I?” but I am glad I took the first step with Ikiguide©.


When our Heart, Mind, Body and Soul are in sync, that is when we can come close to ourselves and know the true purpose of life. This is where Ikiguide© helps me, by detangling my thoughts and giving me clarity on how I want to lead my personal and professional life! I cannot thank Nihal enough for giving in 10 years of his life to Ikiguide© to help us out.


Ikiguide© helped me carve out time for myself and the things that I love, make healthy compromises and strike a balance between what I had to do and what I've always wanted to do.

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Bonus #1:
One 40-minute personalized coaching session with Nihal.
(valued at INR 3,000)

A limited-time offer for the first few sign-ups: a 40-minute one-on-one coaching session with Nihal. In the session, Nihal will help you gain clarity about your passions and purpose, align them to your plan, help you build the right systems, community, and cadence (incl habits and rituals) and bring your passion project to life. 


Bonus #2:
4 Live group Q&A sessions
(valued at INR 4,449)

Join your coach Nihal in up to 3 live sessions, as he takes you beyond the course curriculum and into creating your blueprint for success. From advanced strategies to proven mental frameworks for pushing through complex scenarios: you’ll get everything you need to build your dream project.

Bonus #3:
Guest sessions
(valued at INR 1,449)

The Ikiguide© team will bring to you success stories of individuals who have deployed these time-tested methodologies to craft, build and retain their unique narrative in life. Get the opportunity to interact firsthand and learn from those who have already been down the path.

Bonus #4:
Access to passion plan templates
(valued at INR 999)

These plan templates will guide you through each stage of starting and managing your new focus. You’ll learn how to structure, run and grow your new initiative.


Bonus #5:
IKIGuide© cards
(valued at INR 800)

A deeply enriching deck of cards filled with insightful questions and rewarding tasks. Ikiguide© is designed to help you discover who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Bonus #6:
IKIGuide© journal
(valued at INR 499)

A thoughtfully crafted journal to guide you on your Ikiguide© ‘Discover You’ journey. Use this as your buddy to journal your thoughts, ideas, learnings, and aha moments. This will be your go-to when you need the most inspiration.

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What you get with the course

This may be the most important decision you ever make

Even after everything you’re read, you may still be on the fence.
At this point, you can go in one of two directions:
The choice is clear.
That’s why we urge you to buy the ‘Discover You’ Journey today.

Frequently asked questions

  • Lifetime access to Discover You.
  • A 30 min one-on-one coaching session with Nihal
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • At Least 2 Guest Sessions
  • Access to Passion Plan Template
  • IKIGUIDE Card deck
  • IKIGUIDE Journal
  • And … Lifetime Community Access

Our cards are universal, therefore, anyone over 13 can use them. Whether you are:

  • A student trying to choose from a whirlwind of opportunities,
  • An entrepreneur looking for leverage, or an experienced professional wanting to shift gears purposefully,
  • A senior who is looking to build a legacy,
  • And anyone whose life is at a crossroads and is looking for their next meaningful step,
  • Someone who loves what they do, but struggles to find work-life balance,
  • Or who feels off-center in some parts of their life (connection, growth, uncertainty, significance, etc.)- meaning to be doing the work, they don’t connect with. 

Because of the nature of online products, there are no refunds in this course. In case you would like to be readjusted to another course, we can look into that for you.

Your credentials to access the course will be delivered to you in your inbox within 5-10 minutes of your purchase. Please check your promotions/updates tab and spam folder as well. The email will come from [email protected]

You will get access to the Discord community for course-specific & general questions and networking along with access to the live contact sessions at the end of every week.

Yes. You will join a community of like-minded enthusiasts on myIkiguide© wherein you can share your doubts and connect with more people.

Drop us an email at [email protected] & our team will look into this for you.

Most courses are offered at least 3 times during the year. Certain courses can fill up quickly, so be sure to register early.

This May be the Most Important Decision You Ever Make.

Even after everything you’ve read, you may still be on the fence.

At this point, you can go in one of two directions:

  • You can try In ‘Discover You’ Journey.
  • You can ignore this offer and continue. 

Take a pause and THINK!

The choice is clear.

That’s why we urge you to buy the ‘Discover You’ Journey today.

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Our cohorts are kept small to better facilitate and encourage personalized interaction with the instructor and fellow participants. Your coursemates come from all over the country and contribute their unique perspectives and experience.

Words of those who have already experienced Ikiguide©...

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Special introductory discount of more than 60%

Join now & enjoy savings of ₹ 7700

Best value


₹4799 ₹2799

What you get with the course